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-The Black Crowes

Monday, February 9, 2009

Where am I? (Thanks Snappz!)

Snappz reminded me that I haven't even really thought about this blog since October, so here's an update in case anyone is still listening:
My hypothesis on not writing and how it would help my mental state has been more true than I could have imagined.  Since E, which was over soon after, or during my last post, I've met a few girls, gone out, and had fun, but have had a much healthier outlook on life in general.  A significant other is no longer an all consuming thought.  I'm living life for myself, and not thinking obsessively about relationships, every word I've said or what I'm doing wrong all the time.  I even met someone who I told about my blog, and she read the whole thing, though I feel as though she may have gotten the wrong impression about me from it, who cares.  That was a big step.
I have been writing some fiction when I find the time, and it has been liberating.  It's certainly more fun to write stories about someone who isn't me, and it's really great to be able to just make things up and have things turn out the way that I want them to.
I've also begun the search for a new roommate, as my current one is unbearable and is bringing me down (if anyone is looking, or knows someone who is let me know).
All in all I'm in a much healthier place in my life, and though I'd really like to get back to blogging I have a lot of uncertainty on how it would effect me were it to be as personal as it were before, and if it were less personal I'm not confident I'd have anything interesting to write about.
At any rate, if you're reading this, awesome, though I'm not expecting a whole lot of readership given my four month hiatus.  Thanks again for all of your comments and support in my tougher times, it did not go unappreciated.  I'm sorry for giving up for now....but it really needs to be this way at the moment.  I hope you all understand.

Lots of love.


emertron said...

Good to know you're alive. I was worried.

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